The 12 Best Command Strip and Hook Ideas

Most people think of 3M Command Strips as an affordable, practical way to hang posters and lightweight framed art when they hear the phrase. I remember using them in college to hang my school’s pennant flag in the dorm during my first year. Both renters and homeowners can afford to decorate with them, and when you move or change your mind, you can remove them with ease and they’ll disappear like they never existed.

However, 3M Command products have a lot more (often unnoticed) uses besides just hanging Comand Strip pictures. I received a variety of samples from 3M for this article so that I could test out the 12 tips for smarter organization and smarter decorating at home.

Because of their usefulness and adaptability, 3M Comand Strips and Hooks have become extremely popular. They stick firmly to a variety of surfaces, such as painted walls, wood, tile, and glass, and they come off without leaving any residue behind. Let’s look at some of the best ways to decorate and organize your living spaces with Command Strips and Hooks.

Command Strips for Pictures

For hanging pictures on walls, Command Strips provide an easy and risk-free solution. You can display your favorite photos securely without the use of nails or screws thanks to their powerful adhesive and simple installation.

Command Strips Heavy Duty

The best option is Command Strips Heavy Duty for heavier objects like mirrors or big frames. Your items will remain firmly in place thanks to the extra strength and stability these strong adhesive strips offer.

Velcro Command Strips

The simplicity of Velcro and the durability of command strips are combined in Velcro Command Strips. These adaptable adhesive options are perfect for mounting lightweight objects like remote controls, miniature decorations, and more.

3M Command Strips

The first and most dependable adhesive hanging method is 3M Command Strips.
They make organizing and beautifying your living spaces simple thanks to their creative design and dependable performance.

Command Strips Walmart

Walmart is your one-stop shop for all of your hanging and organizing needs, and they carry a huge selection of Command Strips. Walmart offers a wide selection of Comand Strips at competitive prices, whether you need regular, heavy-duty, or specialty types.

Command strips and hooks: What Do They Mean?

Command strips and hooks:

Using adhesive products like Comand Strips and Hooks, you can hang things up without causing any damage. They are made up of a hook or strip with adhesive on one side and another strip with adhesive on the other. They create a solid bond when they are squeezed together that can hold various objects.

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List of Best Command Strips and Hook Ideas

A simple herb garden

Fresh herbs that are easily accessible make a useful addition to any kitchen. You can easily create an herb garden on your refrigerator using the comand strips Clear Large Caddy. It can hold up to 4 pounds, which is useful for small herbs like English thyme and spearmint. During dinnertime, they are simple to get to, have a lovely appearance, and have a wonderful aroma.

Record display and storage

We received a record player as a wedding gift last year, and while I love it, I’ve been trying to think of a clever way to store the records. I was able to store three records (the size of my collection at the moment!) using two Jumbo Utility Hooks on the side of our media console. Now that they are out of the way, I can still easily access them whenever I want to listen.

Easy headphone storage

This hook is a smart way to hang up headphones for people who work from home, enjoy playing video games, or simply need a more organized home office. It can hold up to 5 pounds and looks great when displayed. No more looking for headphones before online meetings.

A space-saving phone holder

When you live in a small space, it’s critical to keep your nightstand clear of clutter. To store and charge my phone overnight, I attached a Jumbo Utility Hook to the side. I feel like my phone is extremely secure because it can support up to 7 points and 5 pounds. I can pick it up in the mornings and hang the charging cable from the hook until I’m ready to use it again.

Keep the corners of rugs from rolling up

There is nothing more inconvenient than when the corners lift up when adding a runner to hallways, kitchens, and bathrooms to add warmth to the space.
A tripping hazard is another factor.
For the corners to remain firmly attached to the floor, I used X-Large Picture Hanging comand strips. Despite heavy traffic and my dog running around, they’ve held the rug in place admirably.

Quick access to baking tools

My understanding of the value of maintaining an organized kitchen has grown as I’ve gotten more into baking and cooking. These tiny hooks are the ideal size for securely fastening measuring spoons to a flour jar. When I’m making my preferred chocolate almond cake, they’ve made it easier and less stressful.

Easy-to-hang cafe curtains

I adore finding tricks that combine form and function. I created cafe curtains for my kitchen using two Large Designer Hooks, a small rod, curtain clips, and two tea towels. Throughout the day, they provide more privacy and look lovely in the early morning light.

Jewelry display

I’m a simple gal when it comes to jewelry; all I need are some dainty gold necklaces and rings. On the other hand, I detest having to attempt to untangle the jumble of chains and clasps while getting ready. I can keep my necklaces untangled and easily locate the pieces I need to grab and go by hanging up my favorite pieces with Clear Mini Hooks.

Simple cord organization

A routine task that goes along with maintaining a tidy home office is cord organization.
The underside of my desk is much more visually appealing after I strung them all together using Large Black Picture Hanging Strips. And if more cords are needed, I can always add more.

Vertical baseball hat storage

Our closet isn’t very big, but my husband has a sizable collection of hats. It has been a little difficult to come up with an organizational system. His favorite hats were vertically displayed using a row of Clear Mini Hooks. The Mini Hook fits the hat’s back strap perfectly, freeing up velcro comand strips and valuable closet space.

Hide your Internet router

A room appears significantly more organized when necessary technology, such as a wireless router, is concealed. I can easily access the router while keeping it off the ground and out of the way by mounting it to the side of my desk using two Large Black Picture Hanging Strips.

Vertical kitchen supply storage

Each drawer, cabinet, and countertop space in my confined kitchen is a valuable piece of real estate. I was able to store aluminum foil, wax paper, and cling wrap vertically inside a cupboard by using Large White Picture Hanging Strips. Accessible and a clever way to arrange kitchen essentials that don’t take up much room, they are.

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Benefits of Using Command Strips and Hooks

Benefits of Using Command Strips and Hooks

Let’s first examine the advantages of using Command Strips and Hooks before moving on to the Comand Strip heavy duty ideas.

  • No Damage: Unlike nails and screws, Comand Strips and Hooks leave no marks on the surfaces they are attached to, including walls. They are therefore perfect for those who rent a home or prefer a temporary fix.
  • Simple Installation: It is incredibly simple to install Comand Strips and Hooks. Cleaning the surface, applying the adhesive, and pressing firmly for a few seconds are the steps in the procedure.
  • Versatility: These adhesive products can hold a variety of objects, from light picture frames to heavier decorative pieces.
  • Clean Removal: When it comes time to take them off, Command Strips and Hooks do so without leaving behind any residue or traces.
  • Reusability: The majority of Comand Strips and Hooks are made to be used repeatedly. You can use them repeatedly with the right removal and storage.


For hanging various items around your home, Comand Strips and Hooks provide a flexible and damage-free solution. There are countless options, from making gallery walls to organizing your kitchen, bathroom, and home office. So, let your imagination run wild and make the most of these cutting-edge adhesive products to transform your living spaces.


Can I reuse Command Strips and Hooks?

Yes, the majority of Command Strips and Hooks are made to be used repeatedly. Pull the tab parallel to the surface to carefully remove them from the surface in order to reuse them. The hook or strip can be reused after removal by adding fresh adhesive strips to the back.

Are Command Strips and Hooks suitable for all surfaces?

Wood, tile, metal, painted walls, glass, and other surfaces all respond well to the use of Command Strips and Hooks. Surfaces with texture or porous surfaces, however, might not allow for as good of an adhesion. It’s crucial to read the product instructions and guidelines to ensure proper adhesion.

How much weight can Command Strips and Hooks hold?

Depending on the size and nature of the product, Command Strips and Hooks have different weight capacities. They can hold weights ranging from a few ounces to several pounds. To find out how much weight a particular set of hooks can support, always check the packaging or product specifications.

Can I use Command Strips and Hooks outdoors?

Yes, 3M sells outdoor Command Strips and Hooks that are made to withstand a range of weather. The formulation of these outdoor products is specifically designed to offer excellent adhesion even in extreme heat, cold, and moisture. For your outdoor hanging requirements, be sure to use the proper outdoor products.

Do Command Strips and Hooks damage the walls when removed?

No, when removed properly, Command Strips and Hooks should come off without leaving any traces or residue. It only takes a slow, parallel pull of the tab to remove them. Stretching the adhesive in this way enables a clean removal.

Can I use Command Strips and Hooks on the wallpaper?

It depends on the kind of wallpaper you have. On flat and smooth wallpaper surfaces, Command Strips and Hooks may be effective. Wallpaper that is delicate or textured, on the other hand, might not offer a strong enough bond for the adhesive to stick. Before using Command Strips and Hooks to attach your wallpaper, it is best to test a small, discrete area.

How long do Command Strips and Hooks last?

In order to hold objects firmly for a long time, command strips and hooks were developed. They are only effective for a certain amount of time, which is determined by a number of variables including the item’s weight, the surface they are applied to, and the surrounding environment. They typically last for a few months to a few years.

Do Command Strips and Hooks work on textured walls?

Although some textured surfaces can be adhered to with Command Strips and Hooks, this is not always the case. For walls with a lot of texture, the adhesive might not stick as well. To make sure they provide a stronghold, it is recommended to test them on a small area first.

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